Public speaking is considered as one of the most important skill according to global surveys and we have developed an exclusive and entertaining method to get the public speaking skill for our kids. We have tailor made a learning technique which combines practical based learning, experimental learning and unique tricks and tips for best results. It is important to learn things in the most entertaining and fun way and we make sure our kids learn with lots of fun, positivity and curiosity.

Public Speaking

What makes us stand apart

Global Platform To Showcase talent

International Teachers

Connecting Creativity

Experimental Learning

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It feels great to a part of TME family as my son enjoys and has been experiencing a different mode of learning apart from academics to the next level of adapting the general & basic values as well


Parent [UAE]

This is such a different experience which made me happy and confident at the same time. I love Missing Element


Student [QATAR]

Best class in the world, Best teacher in the world


Student [USA]

Me and my parents are really happy and satisfied with The Missing Element


Student [ UAE]

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